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Widthwise Lines in Carpet: Shift Marks

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

photo of carpet shift marks | Glenn Revere

Beautiful carpeting is made on very complicated machinery. When more parts make up a machine, more things can go wrong with the manufacturing process. The carpet mills know this. They have extensive inspection and quality control departments whose function is to find defective carpet and keep it from arriving at your home. In spite of these controls, mistakes happen.

Carpeting can contain various types of streaks, either lengthwise or widthwise in direction. There are many causes for these streaks. I recently looked at some carpet that had widthwise lines/streaks throughout the installation. The complaint for this newly installed carpet was listed as “uneven dye.” It was not noticed until the day after installation. I was asked by the mill to determine the cause of this problem. I arrived at my conclusion by using a process of elimination. (more…)

Common Carpet Defects: Carpet Shift Marks

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

All kinds of lines appear in carpets. You can see some as soon as the carpet is rolled out; some don’t show up for several days or weeks. Some run lengthwise, others widthwise. Some can be removed, others can’t. Below is information on carpet shift marks. Future blogs will cover other common line flaw types, such as oil streaks and pattern bowing. I also suggest you read my previous posts on high lines and low lines in carpet, shear streaks and stop marks.

Carpets are tufted with either straight rows or zig-zag rows. Zig-zag rows are made using a step-over stitch. When the tension of the tufting equipment is set too tightly, the carpet is made with too (more…)