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Flooring Inspection Safari: Latent Defects in Carpet

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

fuzzy carpet loops | Glenn Revere

Any manufactured product can have defects. Carpeting is no different. When carpeting comes off the final product line, it goes through an inspection process. The most glaring, obvious defects are caught during this mill inspection.

Once the carpet is delivered to your home for installation, your installer is the next line of defense against defects. It is the installer’s responsibility to examine the carpet for defects after it is unrolled. If he/she sees a problem, the installation is stopped until the nature of the defect is determined. Some defects can be corrected. Sometimes the carpet must be replaced. (more…)

Carpet Problems: The Difference Between Crushing and Matting

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Crushing and matting are two common problems that are easy to confuse. Crushing is the flattening down of face yarns through normal use, especially with cut pile carpets. Carpeted traffic areas like hallways typically show crushing. An area directly in front of furniture, such as a chair facing the TV, will crush. When the carpet is vacuumed, the pile should stand up again. It is normal for the tip of the tuft to open. This is called blossoming or blooming.

Matting is more noticeable. It occurs when the tips of cut pile yarns untwist and fray, then get tangled with neighboring tufts. If the tufts untwist one-third of their length or more, and if the affected carpet is widespread and not a confined area subject to unusual usage, the carpet is generally considered defective if it is less than a year old.

Matting and untwisting happen because the heat-set of the yarn is weak. Plied yarns are put through a process that crimps the yarns, twists them, and then (more…)