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Inspection Safari: Carpet Stain Blocker Failure

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

carpet stain blocker

Sometimes when I receive an inspection request, the stated reason and the actual complaint are different. Today’s Inspection Safari is a perfect example of such a complaint.

A major carpet mill asked me to inspect a carpet for “stain blocker failure.” Most of today’s carpets are made using some type of stain resistant technology. So a permanent stain is often covered by the carpet warranty. My job would be to see if this stain was something that might be a “warrantied defect.”

I called the homeowner to schedule an appointment and asked him if there was a problem with a stained carpet. He said, “Yes, AND the carpet is coming apart.” He explained that the spot had been professionally cleaned five times. The last time it was cleaned, the technician “was aggressive” with the cleaning and the carpet delaminated (separated)! So now I also had to determine the structural integrity of the carpet. (more…)

Flooring Inspection Safari: Proper Carpet Cleaning

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

carpet cleaning | carpet expert Glenn Revere

I received an inspection request from a carpet manufacturer. The carpet had been installed for 3 1/2 years. It had been cleaned twice. The complaint was: “carpet looks terrible, appears soiled after cleaning.” My job was to see how the carpet was holding up and to check the soil/stain resistance of the fiber.

When I arrived at the well-maintained home, I saw that the main floor was ceramic tile. The carpet in question was installed on the stairs, and in the upstairs hallway and connecting master bedroom.

The last carpet cleaning had been done (more…)

All About Carpet Stains: Oxidizing Agents & Reducing Agents

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

A stain is a spot that won’t come out of a carpet. A stain is caused by either adding color to an area of the carpet (with reducing agents) or by removing color from an area of the carpet (with oxidizing agents). Carpet warranties for stain-resistant carpet fibers are very specific regarding which types of stains are covered under the warranty and which types are not covered. Read your warranty carefully.

Everyone knows that if you spill bleach on a carpet, the color lightens and fades. Bleach, an oxidizing agent, is a color remover. Many other common household items also destroy color. Disinfectants, fade creams, pesticides, toilet and tile cleaners, drain cleaner, oven cleaner, plant food, perfumes, and acne medicines all make stains by removing color from the carpet. (more…)

Pet Stains on Carpet and Carpet Warranties

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

pet stains | carpet expert Glenn Revere

Studies show that more households have pets than children. So pet urine stains are a big problem. Many carpets have warranties that include pet stain coverage, but many have exclusions when it comes to specific problems. Most warranties state that urine will not stain the carpet fiber. Generally speaking, you should be able to remove urine from your carpet with no leftover stain. But what happens when pets “pee” everywhere in a room and the urine fades (removes) the color? Will your warranty cover this complaint?

I recently looked at a carpet installation with this very problem. The carpet was installed in four isolated bedrooms. An old dog and cat had urinated literally everywhere — along the baseboards, against furniture, and in all the open areas. The older the animal, the stronger (more acidic) the urine becomes. The urine (which contains uric acid) had broken down the carpet dye and left pink/pale orange spots everywhere. There were hundreds of spots, and a (more…)