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Carpet Discoloration: Heat Damaged Carpet Seams

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

discolored carpet seam | Glenn Revere

Making tufted carpet is complicated. Several steps in the process use heat. Some of those steps include twisting yarn, dyeing yarn, and curing the carpet backings. So heat and carpet is a good combination, right? Well, not always.

Heat can also damage carpet, as today’s Flooring Inspection Safari illustrates:

A high quality nylon carpet was installed in a second story condo. Approximately 18-24 months after the installation, the renter noticed the carpet was fading from tan to pink along the seams! The carpet had not been cleaned yet. The renter, acting on the owner’s behalf, turned in a claim. I was asked to inspect the job for the manufacturer. As always, I looked at the overall installation to make sure it mets industry quality standards. I have duplicated the main portion of my inspection report here. It explains my findings: (more…)

All About Carpet Filtration Soiling: What to Do

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

If you have ever seen a carpet darken along a wall or stair edges where no one walks, you have noticed filtration soiling. When the ventilation system moves air through a house, the carpet acts as an air filter. Air flow deposits fine soil and dust along carpeted walls, stair edges, under frequently closed doors, and even subfloor joints. You may see black dots in the carpet around room edges. This is where knee kicker teeth have broken the secondary backing, air flows through these holes, and dust collects. Sometimes little-moved drapery hems touching the carpet or furniture skirts slow airflow enough to allow fine soil to outline the fabric onto the carpet. Filtration soiling is a function of the way the house is built. (more…)

Inspection Safari: Causes of Carpet Stains and Spots

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

It’s really frustrating when spots show up on your carpet. Sometimes we know what caused the spots (that darn cat!). Sometimes, they just appear — like the Cheshire Cat. Today’s stain resistant carpets make spot removal pretty easy. But sometimes spots won’t come out. The reason could be that the carpet dye has been removed.

Almost all carpet sold today has some kind of stain warranty. A few of these warranties cover everything that can be spilled on a carpet. Most of the warranties have “fine print” that excludes certain types of damage. The following exclusions are typical of most carpet stain warranties:

…also specifically excluded from this warranty is damage or residual stains caused by… substances which destroy or change the color of carpets such as bleaches, acne medications, drain cleaners, plant food, vomit, urine other than pet (domestic dog or cat) urine and feces…

Many household cleaning products and medicines contain chemicals that react with carpet dye and destroy it. Some of these chemicals, like bleach, remove the color quickly. Some of them slowly remove the color. It might be days or weeks until you (more…)