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Everything You Need to Know • A Consumer Guide

So many variables go into choosing a carpet—performance, style, color, budget—and you are the only one who can decide on the “best” carpet for your home.

All About Carpets: What Every Consumer Needs to Know is the only book written to protect and inform you about your carpet choices! If you have gone into a floor-covering store and felt confused by competing claims and fast sales pitches, then this book is for you.

In this newly revised edition, carpet expert and flooring inspector Glenn Revere reveals everything you need to know to make smart and satisfying decisions.

  • How to compare products when a lot of stuff is private labeled.
  • How to know when something is really “on sale.”
  • How can you tell if warranties are meaningless?
  • What types of carpet will hold up best in different rooms of your house.
  • Effective ways to complain to retailers and manufacturers about carpet defects, installation shortcomings, and other problems.

Flooring is one of the largest investments you’ll make when it comes to your home. Make smart decisions and your carpet will last a lifetime.

Get the best performance from your carpet!