What’s the Best Way to Clean Carpet?

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Q: What’s the best way to clean carpet?

A truck mounted hot water extraction system, also known as steam cleaning, is probably the best way to clean carpet. As I wrote about earlier, most major carpet producers require regular extraction cleaning if you want to keep your carpet warranties in effect.

The vacuums in these units are so strong that over 90 percent of the water (and the suspended soils) is removed during cleaning. Some cleaners use a drying agent in the rinse water and high-speed carpet fans to increase drying times. When carpets dry quickly, there is less chance that spots will wick up and reappear.

The carpet will stay clean just as long as when it was new. There is no dirt-attracting residue in the pile to cause rapid resoiling. When carpets are cleaned this way, the old wives’ tale about carpets getting dirtier right after cleaning is finally laid to rest. In fact, side by side cleanings comparing truck-mount systems to other systems always show the truck mounts coming out on top.

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