What is the Best Time of Year for Carpet Deals?

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The best time of year for scoring carpet deals is: early spring or early fall.

The big yearly U.S. wholesale flooring market, called Surfaces, is held at the end of every January in Las Vegas. All the buyers for the flooring stores go there to see the newest styles and the latest fibers. They order their product lines, make special market purchases, and make purchasing commitments for the coming year. Any savings or reductions found at Surfaces are passed along to consumers as major specials.

By early spring, the new carpets have been shipped by the mills and the retailers are ready to “move some rugs.” The housing market begins to move again after the winter doldrums. Springtime is also fix-up time after a long, cold winter. Working in the garden and around the house is almost fun after staying inside for so long. It’s time to spruce things up inside and out, and that often means new carpeting.

This is when the flooring merchandisers gear up for their first big sale of the year.

Then, after summer vacations and the start of the school year, people begin to think about the upcoming holiday season. They may notice that their home is looking a little tired and needs some fixing up. This is when the flooring stores typically have their second big sale period of the year. The retailers want to get their cash registers ringing during the fall home-improvement season. They know that once the holiday season arrives, people just want to get their decorations up and enjoy family time.

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