Interior Design Ideas: Carpet Color Considerations

colorful living room

When buying a carpet, color is an important consideration. The floor of any room is one of its largest canvases, so you’ll want to make sure you pick something that complements the color(s) of the walls and the furniture, and something that works well with the lighting and mood of the room.

So, when considering color combinations when you’re out carpet buying, keep these basic interior design ideas in mind:

  • Whenever possible, use the carpet and walls as the basis for your color scheme. They are the largest areas in a room. You should plan around them for a unified design.
  • When using darker shades for the carpet, the walls can be a lighter shade of the carpet.
  • When using a light carpet, darker walls work well.
  • Light carpeting makes a small room look larger. Darker colors make a large room look smaller and more cozy.
  • Draperies work well to coordinate a color scheme when their color relates to the carpet, either through the pattern or by working with solid colors.
  • Bright, warm colors work well in dark, poorly lit rooms and make the rooms more appealing and cheerful. Sunny rooms look cooler by using darker, more subtle colors.
  • A well-conceived color scheme sets the mood of a room. Bright colors are more informal; elegant, subtle colors make a room more formal and conservative.

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Photo: “Living Room Updates” by Emily May is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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