How to Fix Carpet Holes from Weak Tuft Bind

When carpet yarns are tufted into the primary backing, they must be adhered to the backing or they will easily pull out. The tufts are glued to the backing with an adhesive compound using latex rubber as a binder. The general term for this compound is “latex.” Weak tuft bind results from improper application of the latex or a mis-formulation of the latex compound. The latex is applied using a roller the width of the carpet. Once the latex is applied, the carpet goes through an oven to cure the latex. Sometimes the roller that applies the latex to the primary backing puts on too thin a coat or skips an area and doesn’t apply any at all. Eventually, the tufts in these weak areas work loose and holes appear in the face of the carpet.

If your new carpet develops a small hole because of skipped latex, a Certified Installer or Certified Inspector can easily re-tuft the hole, as long as you have a piece of scrap carpet.

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