How to Find the Best Vacuum Cleaner

There are a lot of variables to selecting the “right” vacuum. You can’t buy a vacuum based on price alone. So, how do you find a vacuum that works well with your carpet?

The independent Carpet and Rug Institute tests all types of vacuums. The CRI does not accept money from vacuum manufacturers. Their only aim is to independently help you find the correct vacuum for your needs. You can go to their home page at Then click on Residential Customers, then Cleaning and Maintenance, then Seal of Approval Products, and select Vacuums. The Institute has a long list of approved, efficient machines with links to the manufacturers’ websites.

In general, the Institute has found that upright vacuums outperform tank-type or canisters, even when the tanks have a separate power-driven beater-bar attachment called a power head.

The fact is that an upright agitates the pile yarns better and creates a more efficient partial vacuum inside the suction chamber. Uprights, which fill from the top, are the most efficient and blow less dust around than bottom-filling models.

One can argue the fine points between uprights and canisters. The main thing is to use the machine you have. It won’t help the carpet to keep the vacuum in the closet!

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