Common Carpet Defects: Carpet Stop Marks

All kinds of lines appear in carpets. You can see some as soon as the carpet is rolled out; some don’t show up for several days or weeks. Some run lengthwise, others widthwise. Some can be removed, others can’t. Below is information on carpet stop marks. Future blogs will cover other common line flaw types, such as shift marks, oil streaks and pattern bowing. I also suggest you read my previous posts on high lines and low lines in carpet and shear streaks.

Carpet stop marks look like widthwise rows of missing yarn. The tufting needles are held by a needle bar. If the tufter stops with the needle bar in the up position, the empty primary backing can move forward slightly. When the machine starts, the needles insert yarn behind the empty portion of primary backing. With pile in front of and behind the empty backing, you’ll see a line or gap. It is more obvious with a loop pile carpet.

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