Common Carpet Defects: Carpet Shift Marks

All kinds of lines appear in carpets. You can see some as soon as the carpet is rolled out; some don’t show up for several days or weeks. Some run lengthwise, others widthwise. Some can be removed, others can’t. Below is information on carpet shift marks. Future blogs will cover other common line flaw types, such as oil streaks and pattern bowing. I also suggest you read my previous posts on high lines and low lines in carpet, shear streaks and stop marks.

Carpets are tufted with either straight rows or zig-zag rows. Zig-zag rows are made using a step-over stitch. When the tension of the tufting equipment is set too tightly, the carpet is made with too much tension. This tension appears as regularly alternating high and low widthwise bands called shift marks. Shift marks are visible in both loop and cut pile carpets. The bands are usually 2 inches apart and are not serviceable. The carpet must be replaced.

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