Carpet Tips: The Advantages of Carpet Padding

Carpet padding (sometimes referred to as “underlayment”) is the material that’s placed between the carpet and the floor during installation. And, it’s not something that should be a mere afterthought to carpet buyers — buying a quality carpet pad can greatly extend the life of your carpet.

Additionally, according to the Carpet Cushion Council, purchasing a separate carpet cushion offers the following advantages to carpet installations:

  • Carpet cushion can add a useful life to a carpet.
  • A carpet installed over separate cushion can be more economical.
  • Carpet cushion makes a carpet seem richer and more luxurious.
  • Carpet cushion can significantly improve a carpet’s acoustical properties.
  • Carpet cushion can improve the thermal insulation properties of the floor covering.
  • Carpet cushion can reduce the impact exerted on floor covering by one-half.
  • Maintenance costs are often lower during a cushioned carpet’s life.
  • Carpets with separate cushion can be less costly to install.

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