Carpet Installation Tip: Always Hire Certified Flooring Installers

Like any other craft, carpet installers’ skills vary widely. Installers learn their craft by starting as apprentices with a crew. An apprentice might only take up the old carpet and carry tools at first, but slowly learns by watching the others perform their jobs. In this way, the apprentice learns to become an installer.

But hold on! What if the apprentice learns bad installation techniques?

The apprentice doesn’t know any difference between bad and good installations. I have seen apprentices learn from installers who have been doing things the wrong way for thirty years. How do you know that the crew who shows up to install your carpet (after you worked so hard to haul out the furniture!) knows what they’re doing? How do you know that the head of your installation crew wasn’t yesterday’s apprentice? (Note: A lot of retailers hire the lowest bidder and don’t even bother to check the finished job — until there’s a complaint!)

The answer is: always hire a “Certified Flooring Installer.”

Never heard of one? Well, they are out there. They have taken time off work (at their own cost, since installers are self-employed) to attend multi-day classes, usually out of town. They must pass written tests and actually install carpet. They’ll have a certificate proving that they are certified professionals and know their stuff. They usually charge more for their work, but they are worth any difference in cost. I would compare the difference between an ordinary installer and a certified installer to a “backyard” car mechanic and a certified car mechanic.

You’ll have to ask your retailer if the installers he uses are certified. If he insists that his installers are as good as Certified Flooring Installers and he guarantees their work, ask him why he doesn’t use Certified Flooring Installers. You’ll remember how your back ached after you emptied your house to prepare for the installation. Do you really want to do it again when a non-certified crew makes a mess of your expensive carpet — and maybe your home?

Who is Glenn Revere?

Glenn Revere has been a carpet expert since 1973. He’s a certified flooring inspector and the author of All About Carpets, the only book written to protect and inform you about your carpet choices, from carpet buying and carpet warranties to carpet care and maintenance. You can find him on FacebookGoogle+ and Twitter.


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One Response to “Carpet Installation Tip: Always Hire Certified Flooring Installers”

  1. Dick Katz says:

    Thought you would like to know this “fact”
    I had carpet installed 7 years ago (kicking only) and it has developed several lumpies / bumpies etc,etc. I have tried to get an installer who knows more than FSU (fuzzy side up) and also owns/uses a Power Stretcher.
    I would have better luck finding the Holy Grail… EVERYONE KICKS….AND THEN THEY COMPLAIN about their backs and their knees.