Carpet 411: All About Woven Carpet

woven carpet

Selecting a woven carpet for your home is a high-quality investment. But, because of cost, they only account for roughly 2% of the carpets installed in most residential homes.

The majority of woven carpets are made by machines nowadays. With the advent of machine-powered looms came more intricate colors and patterns, not previously possible with hand looms. So, consumers are now able to enjoy an even wider variety of options.

Woven carpets are comprised of three major types of weaves: the Axminster weave, the Wilton weave and the Velvet weave.

Even by machine, weaving all three types of carpet weaves is a slow, tedious process. Meaning, all three are also quite costly, considering the time and the variable costs of different yarns used.

Fortunately, the quality of a woven carpet makes up for the added expense in the long run, since they result in heavy, thick fabrics that seem to wear forever. But, still, it is an investment that’s not a viable option for many consumers.

The majority of carpet sold today is called tufted carpet, which I will discuss in next Thursday’s blog post. And, you can learn more about woven carpet in my book, All About Carpets: Everything You Need to Know.


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Photo: “Carpet weaving, Mahan, Iran” by Fulvio Spada is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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